Golden Visa

The Spanish Golden Visa came into force in September 2013 with the objective to stimulate real estate investments in Spain. It enables non-E.U. residents to obtain a Spanish residents permit for a minimum investment of EUR 500.000 in one or more properties in Spain.

The Golden Visa has proven to be especially popular with investors from Latin America, the Middle East, China and Russia for the following reasons:

  • It allows for permanent residency in Spain, after a period of 5 year
  • The residency applies for the whole family (spouse, children < 18 years of age and family members that depend on the investor)
  • Due to the “Schengen” agreement, holders of a Golden Visa may circulate freely within all the E.U. countries
  • There are no limitation to the type of property investments, which may be done either as a private person or through a company
  • There is no requirement to reside in Spain (no minimum stay) if you do not require the residents permit to become permanent
  • After 10 years, Spanish citizenship may be obtained